7 New Trends I Predict Will Have a Short Shelf Life (Sorry)

Disclaimer: This isn't a story about trends that are "out" or anywhere near peaking. This is a story about new (or new-ish) trends that are very popular and not at risk of falling out of favor unendingly soon. And why am I writing well-nigh these trends, you ask? The reason is fairly straightforward: Spending a lot of money on something you may not want to wear in a matter of months is not advised. 

Fashion can be a bit subjective since style and taste are such personal things, but I've been a malleate editor for nine years and have seen many trends come and go in that value of time. At this point, I can usually tell when unrepealable ones will be long-lasting or increasingly short-term, and it usually depends on how archetype they are (the increasingly specific ones don't usually stick virtually as long) and how quickly they wilt over-saturated. 

Below, I've highlighted seven new trends that I fully support trying but that I don't teach splurging on since I don't see them lasting for years. Scroll to shop an affordable version of each, as well as trends that I do think will stick around.

Red tights are one of the most unusual, wonderful trends to come out of this season, and the fall runways prove that it's going to stick virtually at least through the end of the year. But it's quite a specific trend and not incredibly easy to wear. Sheer tights, flipside big hosiery trend, are far more wearable and are stuff worn by celebrities left and right. Consider it increasingly long-lasting.

Silver jeans are such a fun trend, and our edit team is currently obsessed with them. They were moreover spotted on the fall runways, so ordering a pair isn't a bad idea. But they're well-nigh as trendy as jeans get, and history shows that ultra-trendy denim trends don't last forever by any means. Silver shoes, on the other hand, are never "out" (and they're very much "in" right now).

I think that subtly quilted shoes and tons will stand the test of time, but the increasingly exaggerated puffed traps probably won't. An volitional bag trend that I think is worthy of investing in is slouchy shapes. They're too effortless and versatile not to. 

I hate to say this considering I love rosette accents, but I think the chokers that launched the trend are once rhadamanthine oversaturated. But the comeback of silver jewelry is just heating up, and I'm sure it'll be "cool" for years to come.

Denim traps have been a bit polarizing in the past, but I've unchangingly loved them, and they're a major trend right now. It's a trend that comes in and out of style every so often, so I imagine that'll be the specimen this time as well. Woven accessories, on the other hand, are as timeless as it gets.

I'm not opposed to knee-length skirts. I like the '90s feel—especially when they're paired with knee boots, But I think the unstipulated consensus is that they're not the most flattering skirt trend there is. Denim skirts, on the other hand, stay relevant, and now long and short styles have wilt equally beloved.

It's unscratched to say that the pantsless outfit trend isn't for the faint of heart, but forgoing pants can squint very tony when washed-up right. That said, I think it's a little too unvigilant to be all that long-lasting. If you prefer to wear pants, you can't go wrong with tailored trousers—now or ever.