I Just Tried On 8 Pairs of Levi's Jeans and Would Put My Money Behind These 5

There are very few brands that not only truly stand the test of time but even appreciate in value over time. Needless to say, Levi’s is part of that exclusive club. A huge part of why I hold Levi’s so near and dear to my heart is the quality of denim and superb fit at such a low price. These days, when a pair of everyday jeans can forfeit $200 to $300-plus, I know I can unchangingly count on Levi’s to alimony me stylish and on budget. 

Spring is officially here, so I decided to do a haul of all the Levi’s I’ve been eyeing at Nordstrom—from a tapered-leg that makes me finger like a carefree Lisa Bonet to a dark-denim straight-leg that feels increasingly Megan Markle, each pair I tried has its own personality and will hold a unique spot in my wardrobe. For reference, I’m 5’6’’ and usually wear a 27. Alimony scrolling to see my picks and my weightier tips on how to style them this spring.

Believe it or not, this was my first time trying on tapered-leg jeans! Something well-nigh the parachuting fit didn't sit well with me in theory, but I was happily surprised at what they looked like on. They requite a very '90s finger and work so well with all my vintage tops and yield tops. The fit was spot-on, with the slightest stretch that keeps them well-appointed to move virtually in all day. 10/10.

The wash on these unquestionably looks vintage, which is the hardest thing to achieve.

Popcorn tops are so Drew Barrymore, aka aspirationally '90s.

This leather jacket has been a resulting top seller each week, and it's no wonder why. The bomber-style shape is super on-trend and goes with everything.

These white Docs make every outfit so much increasingly interesting.

If you leave here learning one thing, it's to run and buy these jeans! First off, visionless denim is making a huge comeback. Second, the straight-leg cut and length grazing just unelevated the toddle is the weightier fit I've probably ever experienced in jeans. All this coupled with the iconic Levi's back-pocket pattern equals a pair of jeans that will stay in vogue and at top of the stack until I'm well into my 60s. (I just have to make sure they will fit!) These moreover have a little stretch but don't squint like it. Truly perfect. Thank me later.

The visionless wash needed its own moment. I can't wait to see how these start to get whiskers over time.

Something well-nigh that tawny leather patch gets me.

A staple worth investing in this season. After all, plane Prada featured white tanks on its runway.

The shrug to end all shrugs. You can make so many outfits with her.

Slingbacks have been a favorite of mine lately. These squint so classic.

Levi's 501s are probably the most sought-after jeans in the world! While some prefer to rummage vintage bins until they find a golden pair, I'm taking flipside route. Instead, I'm looking forward to wearing this new pair to death until they mold perfectly to my body. Did I mention the wash? This light denim wash is so rare and looks so tomfool over time.

I love how they make my take look, and while the rise is technically high, they finger increasingly mid-rise, which allows for increasingly variability in how you style them. 

A vintage pair would set you when over $200. These are scrutinizingly identical and will indulge you to wear them into your soul over time.

I'm loving oversize vests these days. This geometrical pattern is visually so enticing.

The whup that keeps on giving. 

I'll shoehorn I'm not a huge fan of woebegone jeans. As I dig deeper, I'm realizing it's probably considering they finger the opposite of the casual, laid-back feel jeans are supposed to have in my mind. I croaky the specimen by styling them with flip-flops and a unstudied slip dress, and voilà—problem solved. FYI, these jeans have little to no stretch, so I'd size up if you are looking for a comfier fit.

The cropped length really allows toddle boots to shine and pairs equally well with flip-flops as pictured above.

This slip is slightly stretchy (which helps hold the girls in) and moreover has cute semi-transparent lace inlays withal the sides.

I'd like to welcome the least wearisome cable-knit sweater you'll overly see. It has just unbearable detail to be a tomfool top, too.

Catch me in these from now until September.

I'm new to the category of mid-thigh shorts and am warming up to the idea. Daisy dukes have historically been my go-to denim shorts, but it's nice to try out a new shape every now and again. These are a warm indigo shade and slightly flare out from the waist to create a vintage-inspired tough shape. I'm 5'6'', and they hit my mid-thigh pretty exactly. They're pretty stretchy, so I might plane go lanugo a size. You can wear them with anything from a button-down to a tucked-in vintage tee or a sparkly top and heels for a summer night out.

The length of these shorts is perfect for convertible days when you step outside and aren't sure when you'll be back. They're towardly for so many settings.

This cardigan gets me. I'm excited to wear it with everything from maxi skirts to denim to cargo pants.

It's very nonflexible to find low-rise, looser-fitting jeans for women, so it's no wonder these sell out scrutinizingly immediately!

So many jeans have trouble cinching the waist. That's where these come in.

If I'm gonna wear colored denim, it'll be these. The faded hue doesn't demand too much attention, so it can be layered with an zillions of other colors and textures.

Grab a stocky whup and waddle the hell out of these.

White denim is a staple that so many sleep on. These look like they're made with the supplest denim that'll last forever. 

These finger so L.A. to me in the weightier way. I see myself wearing these barefoot virtually the house all weekend.

Wideleg jeans, FTW! Plus those whiskers squint so well-earned.

The wash and fit are divine.

Another low-rise banger.

The shape and length of these remind me of the second pair of jeans I tried on—just perfect.

The cargo pockets are a delightful surprise.