Emma Stone Wins Oscar for Best Actress for ‘Poor Things’

Stone, who played Bella Baxter in the film directed by Yorgos Lanthimos, was visibly upset in her acceptance speech.

Last year's Oscar for best actress went to the owner of a laundry who travels the universe and At the same time, Point appears to have hot dogs for fingers. Of course, this year was supposed to be even stranger.

The award went to Emma Stone for her performance in "Poor Things", directed by Yorgos Lanthimos, as Bella Baxter, once dead but brought back to life by a mad scientist who inserted her son's brain not yet born. in your body Implanted skull.

The The result is a grown woman with the impulses of a child growing into a young girl who tests limits and fights for independence in a world where men are accustomed to dictating women's lives.

Stone, who was visibly upset in her acceptance speech, he recounted a conversation he had with Lanthimos, who writes frequently.

" The other night I “I see a lot of things happening, that maybe something like this could happen,” he said, “and Yorgos said to me, 'Please get out of there.' And I was right. , because it's not about me. This is a team that came together to create something greater than the sum of its parts. »

This is her second best actress award: she won for her role as a Hollywood actress in the musical "La La Land " of 2016.

In the fantastic and absurd world of "Poor Things", Bella Baxter von Stone is charming, open-minded, courageous and determined to experiment freely. In a memorable scene in a restaurant in Portugal, Baxter begins a wild and silly dance, inspiring her lover (played by Mark Ruffalo) furiously try to match your energy.

"She absorbs the world around her in such a unique and beautiful way that I dream 'She could,'" Stone, 35, said in an interview with the Times in November.

Last year was something of a crossroads for Stone's career, as she suddenly moved away from the conventional roles that made her famous ("Easy A", "The Help"). On television, Stone starred alongside Nathan Fielder and Benny Safdie in “The Curse,” a satire of a home improvement show full of petty nonsense that rivals the duck-faced bulldog of “Poor Things.” Font>

The unusual story of Baxter's character, Stone, offered a unique storyline for the actor, as his character learned to walk and talk, discovered his sexuality, discovered humanity's deepest horrors, and attempted to grapple with his own life. 'adult.

"I had" Mi I feel like I've been living with her for a long time," Stone told Vanity Justo. "Yorgos and I still talk about how much we miss her."