Explore the Best American Fashion Houses in the USA

Explore the Best American Fashion Houses in the USA

America may be the land of the free, but it is also the home to some of the most famous fashion brands.

It doesn't matter where you're at. Whether you're New England preppy or futuristic streetwear, there's a quintessentially American brand for you.

The rise of fashion houses and American fashion brands is increasingly popular with the rise of European designers. We've covered 18 of America's most popular and well-known fashion houses, telling you everything you need to know about where they come from and what products you need.

If yes, if Whether you're investing in building a new wardrobe or launching a designer shoe collection, here are the fashion houses in the US to watch out for.

1. Expand Your Accessory Offering With Coach

Coach Logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG, brand

Coach is one of America's favorite leather goods brands. Founded in 1941, the brand specializes in accessories, bags, and ready-to-wear.

You can instantly recognize the brand by its classic "C" monogram and tennis and horse logo. Coach is one of New York's most popular exports, and the city continues to inspire its popular designs and silhouettes.

The brand started with six in-house artisans led by Lillian and Miles Cahn. Coach Known as  "America's Original Leather House".

Bonnie Cashin was hired as the brand's first chief designer, transforming Coach from a traditional brand into an ever-evolving one that reflects free modernity and the 1960s New York lifestyle.

The Coach flagship store opened its doors on Madison Avenue and has grown from a family-owned leather shop to a full-service fashion house.

Coach is now led by Stuart Vevers, its creative director, who focuses on bringing a fearless spirit to the fashion houses in the USA.

Vevers joined the company in 2013 and received the 2017 Accessories Creator of the Year Award from the Council of Fashion Designers of America.

His edgier work with a pop culture twist brought Coach to the attention of the younger generation of aspiring fashionistas.

Coach's must-have piece for 2021 is the iconic Pillow Tabby shoulder bag.

2. Timeless minimalism meets modern sophistication: Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein is the first brand which made for sexy sports underwear.

This global lifestyle brand has a minimalist aesthetic and loves to add its iconic logo to every belt and accessory.

Calvin Klein's first logo, first seen in 1968, is delicately titled and lightly titled in Futura Light font. The first Calvin Klein logo, first seen in 1968, is delicately titled and lightly titled in Futura Light font.

The brand was built in 1968 by Calvin Klein and Barry Schwartz, his business partner.

Calvin Klein is known in the industry for his clean and innovative designs, minimal aesthetic with neutral color palette.

Although best known for its lifestyle lingerie and accessories, Calvin Klein is a diverse lifestyle brand that offers it all, from high fashion to perfumery. and jewelry.

The fashion house has several sub-lines, including Calvin Klein Jeans, Calvin Klein Home, and Calvin Klein Underwear.

Some of the most famous women in the world have been Calvin Klein brand ambassadors, including Kendall Jenner, Margot Robbie, Eva Mendes, and Diane Kruger.

Calvin Klein Signs by Justin Bieber and Hailey Bieber in Soho, New York Calvin Klein Signs by Justin Bieber and Hailey Bieber in Soho, New York (Credit: Instar/WENN)

2020's A #proudinmycalvins campaign focused on several LGBTQ+ models, including Jari Jones, a black trans model.

In 2003, Calvin Klein was acquired by the conglomerate Grupo PVH. This organization has a history of buying iconic American brands, becoming one of the largest apparel companies in the world.

In addition to Calvin Klein, PVH Hilfiger Group also owns Tommy, another of America's favorite brands.

Calvin Klein essentials include the brand's signature lingerie and Eternity perfume.

3. Legendary style meets timeless luxury: Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren logo and Its history | LogoMyWay

When thinking of American fashion brands, Ralph Lauren always comes first the list. Lauren has described her brand as "living the best life possible and enjoying the fullness of life around you".

Ralph Lauren is easily connected to the famous Polo logo. Rider Ralph Lauren is easily recognizable by the famous Polo Rider logo.

The brand is considered the epitome of American design and has maintained the idea of mainstream "preppy" trends in fashion for decades.

Whether it's like Sex and the City or Friends, Ralph Lauren was a brand on all our screens in the 90s.

Ralph Lauren has a heritage and reputation that rival even the most famous European brands.

Ralph Lauren has enjoyed success in the United States and abroad for more than five decades. The fashion house describes its work as "reflecting a quintessentially American perspective."

The Ralph Lauren brand includes several diffusion brands that make their garments available in both the medium and high price ranges.

The history of Ralph Lauren is closely linked to the rise of American fashion. The brand was the first to have its own store at Bloomingdale's in 1969, where it sold exclusively until the opening of its first flagship store in Beverly Hills in 1972.

In the 1970s, Ralph Lauren provided the costumes for two iconic American films : The The Great Gatsby and Annie Hall.

Ralph Lauren remains the star.

Ralph Lauren must-haves include his classic polo shirt, designer clothes, cashmere sweater, and Ralph Lauren teddy bear sweater.

4. Exquisite craftsmanship and unrivaled glamour: Tom Ford

Estee Lauder in talks to acquire Tom Ford brand - WSJ | Reuters

Tom Ford started out with Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent before founding his own fashion house.

If you light up an awards ceremony next time, rest assured that at least some of the nominees will be wearing pieces by this legendary American designer.

In Tom Ford's The Customer, he is a well-traveled, cultured international jet setter.

The Tom Ford woman describes herself as "an intelligent woman who knows her own style." The aesthetic is one of elegant tailoring, refined basics, and timeless style.

While his fashion brand has dressed everyone from Michelle Obama to Anne Hathaway and Tom Hanks to Tom Ford, he is also known for his line of cosmetics and perfumes.

The brand has been responsible for designing Daniel Craig's iconic costumes for almost everyone in his James Bond films, from Quantum of Consolation to "No Time to Die".

In addition to designing for his eponymous brand, Tom Ford is also president of the Council of American Fashion Designers. He wrote and directed the Oscar-nominated 'A Single Man' and 'Nocturnal Animals.'

Tom's must-have plays Ford owns Black Orchid. Oversized classic perfume and sunglasses

5. Bold creativity and fashion progress: Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs - Bluebell GroupBluebell Group

Marc Jacobs founded his eponymous label in 1994 before presenting his first collection for Perry Ellis in 1992. His brand began with two concepts: a love of fashion and a commitment to quality.

In the same year, she won the CFDA New Talent in Fashion Award. His brand has grown from ready-to-wear to a full lifestyle brand, offering everything from fragrances to cosmetics and accessories.

Marc Jacobs is also famous for his work as creative director of Louis Vuitton, where he was responsible for some of the brand's most iconic bags and accessories.

He worked for the French maison from 1997 to 2014 and experienced a golden era for the brand.

Whether it's Marc Jacobs or "Marc by Marc Jacobs", every American woman owns at least one piece of the famed fashion house.

Although the Marc by Marc Jacobs brand was discontinued in 2015, it remains an icon of American fashion.

The television brand has been discontinued to allow Marc Jacobs to focus more on the brand's luxury products and its growing international audience.

Marc Jacobs is now owned by Marc Jacobs of the LVMH conglomerate, who describes the brand as "constantly reinventing the style code." Marc Jacobs describes himself as "neither American nor French; I'm just a designer". Emily is in Paris.